Building Bright Futures

The Parady Cares Foundation cares about the needs of children, veterans and seniors within our community. Our core values guide our direction and efforts to help others. We maintain a position to lead, the creativity to inspire, and the will to foster positive change.


The Parady Cares Foundation helps individuals of all ages overcome the numerous challenges that life presents. We support and encourage less fortunate children in our local schools, families struggling through difficult times, veterans facing challenges resulting from their service for our country and seniors who brave the health issues that coincide with aging.


Giving, whether it be of your time, talents or value, is a very humbling and rewarding gesture. The Parady Cares Foundation, through the support of generous donations and volunteerism, contributes to many organizations who in turn support less fortunate individuals of all walks of life.


The Parady Cares Foundation strives to encourage community support by offering opportunities for our partners and friends to join us in our efforts. Our hope is that we will provide an inspiration for others to give.

Our Vision

The vision of the Parady Cares Foundation is to improve the quality of life for less fortunate Children, Veterans, Seniors and others with special needs in our community. We believe by empowering the members of our community we can provide greater resources and assistance.

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